Our Vision

We believe the purpose of technology is to enhance our lives and social interactions.

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."

-Albert Einstein

We challenge Mr. Einstein through our thoughtful, responsible, and moral use of technology to improve your life, work, and time.

Our Process Builds The Perfect Strategy For Your Business

Fire Us First

You don't buy a boat to cross a desert.  If your automation needs don't align with our skill set, we won't let you hire us.

Establish the Map

Knowing your destination is only half the battle.  We don't start building until the road map to success is crystal clear.

Find the Good

We evaluate your current strategy and rate everything on a scale of 1 to 10.  It's easy until you can't use 7.

Analyze and Iterate

We don't keep anything around because it was our favorite.  If it's not performing it's not working.

Meet the Founder

Richard Schnitzel Jr

At a young age Richard had his first soiree into technology when his family purchased a home computer that had a floppy drive and a built in modem...by the time he went to college and built his first computer his fate with technology was sealed. His diverse background in field engineering, project management, estimating, and sales established the perfect foundation to build the breadth of services Bow Tie Bots offers. You'll often find Rich spending time with friends and family, tinkering on a vehicle or other project in his garage, or enjoying a cruise on his motorcycle.


Rich holds a Bachelor's of Science in Engineering from Roger Williams University.  An engineer is taught how to solve a problem when there is no right answer.  With the information overload that exists in today's social framework this skill is invaluable for assessing, implementing, and iterating the tactics that effectively drive results.


Making a sale is about trust and messaging.  You are more willing to purchase something when there is trust in who you're buying from and belief that the product is worth the price tag.  Gaining that trust is achieved through messaging crafted around what's important to your customer not your company.


Old enough to remember rotary phones and a time before the internet existed but young enough to have cut his teeth on AOL Online, DSL, and Facebook when it was only available to colleges.  Rich loves diving deep into the rabbit hole of what is possible with technology and seeing what can built on the other side.