This Automation Is Air For Your Bot

Deciding what to automate sometimes feels like a rabbit hole.  Our inclination is to automate nothing so we can be confident everything is perfect, or automate everything because we should be spending time on other, more important, things.

The truth is good automation is somewhere in between.  The Challenge is knowing what tasks are simple and stable enough you can reliably automate.  I often think of it in terms of telling a 4 year old to do the task, if you can break it down that simple then it should absolutely be automated.  

Ok, so you know what should be automated but how do I get from here to there?  If you think of it like a family tree setting it up right means your tree spreads wider and deeper with fewer steps.  The video below will show you the seed of your automation, from this the possibilities are immense, ignore this and kiss your green thumb goodbye.