Don’t Be Greedy! – Share Messenger Admin Access with Your Team

Administrator.. that word sounds scary. When I hear that word I get flashbacks to getting in trouble in grade school. The only time I saw someone with that title is when I really screwed up!  Alternatively if you’re a card carrying nerd that word invokes a level of caution reserved for new born babies and what you say around your crush. To you admin is only used when absolutely necessary, because you can do anything with that privilege up to and including nuking your entire project.

The good news is you don’t need to approach admin privileges for your bot with such trepidation. I’m going to go over two main points. 1) Adding someone as an administrator to your bot. The permissions you need to give them and the steps to allow them access. 2) For the paranoid among us, an easy trick you can use to back up your bot.

Before we get started take a moment and open some tabs with the following programs and websites:
- Facebook
- Manychat
- Preferred communication method on your computer (e-mail, Messenger, Slack, etc)


Good click play on the video below and lets get started!