How Packing for Vacation Influenced My Bot Content

Maybe this is unique to the mind of an engineer but when I travel I lay out all my things before I pack it away.  It calms my mind and seeing it all in one places gives me confidence I didn’t miss anything, or when I do forget something at least I stacked the deck in my favor.

Why do I bring this up, because the content you create for your chatbot is very similar to packing clothes this way.  The beginning is like packing for a weekend, few items and easy to see.  The longer you have a bot and the more content you create the harder it becomes.

How much space would you need to pack this way for a week, a month, a year?  You get the idea the more content you create, because you are creating new content right, the harder it will be to stay organized.

The below video is a walk through of how I have organized the Bow Tie Bot’s content flows so I can find things easily.