We are Your Time Guardians

What could you do with an extra hour every day? What about 3 hours?  4 hours?

Now what would happen if your entire staff had that much extra time? What opportunities for growth would be possible?

Zapier Integrations

Automated GSuite Tasks

Built for You Zapier Apps

2 Hours/Day * $40 hr = $1,600 saved EVERY month.

For a 2 Person Team that's $40,000.00 SAVED EVERY YEAR!!!

Operations Analysis:

  • Operations Analysis - Evaluate your current processes and find hours of productivity and efficiency
  • Automation Road Map - Complete report on the Automation opportunities in your company
    • What can you automate
    • How much time ($$$) can be saved
    • Opportunities for increased efficiency


  • Guaranteed 10x Return or Your Money BACK!

Automate Your Business:

  • Take Action on your Automation Road Map
  • Automate Key Tasks and get your most valuable resource back - Your Time!
  • Focus on doing what you’re good at and let us take care of the rest
  • Annual Business Automation Review

$6,000.00 Set-Up Cost

  • One Time Investment
  • Deduct analysis cost

Support Contract

  • VIP Service - Have a new process or idea you want to automate? Go LIVE faster with preferred access.
  • Active Monitoring - We fix the issues before they occur
  • Free workflow upgrades - Tech is always evolving.  We keep you at the forefront of what’s possible!
  • Scalable solutions so you only pay for what you need.
  • Piece of Mind that things “Just Work” - We are your Time Guardians

$700.00 per Month

  • 50% Off Set-Up cost with 6 month commitment

We Give You


Less than 61% of the time you spend at work is productive! How are you using your remaining 4.8 hours?


It costs $1 to verify data accuracy at the point of entry; $10 to clean up or correct data when it is in batch form; $100 or more for each record if no action is taken.


It takes someone about 16 minutes to refocus after a distraction.  Lose focus 4 times and you've lost an hour of work!


People have a an average accuracy rate of 85%.  Automation can achieve 95-100% accuracy while doing it faster.